Thursday, September 6, 2007

Ina Rd Update

I stopped off at the Ina Bridge this afternoon to see what was about. Turns out I was neither right nor wrong about the "No Trespassing" sign - it is still there, but has been pulled up and is laying flat in the dirt. I didn't see it until I had explored a bit of the west bank. Oh well.

Lots of good shorebird habit here right now; there were 79 Black-necked Stilts, lots of of Killdeer, a Lesser Yellowlegs, Least & Spotted Sandpipers, White-faced Ibis, many teal, 2 Wilson's Phalarope, and best of all, two STILT SANDPIPERS. I was able to view them from the top of the bank rather than the partially completed pathway down closer to the water. I didn't want to flush the birds. I think the stilt sandpipers have been there at least since Monday, when I was able to get a very distant view from a different vantage point.

Speaking of that pathway with its newly painted railing, I did some searching on the Pima County and Marana websites but couldn't find much news about the construction other than this:

Completion Date: Summer 2007
Current Status: The contractor has finished the soil treatment work
Projected Activities: handrail work and miscellaneous cleanup.

So it looks like it is almost done... hopefully before shorebird migration ends.

Here's a view from space:

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