Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Madera Aztec Thrush

I've updated the maps to show the location of the Aztec Thrush that was reported on 11/17 and 11/20. Basically it is about 250 yards up the Old Baldy Trail from the well-documented "x" (which is about 1.75 miles from the parking lot). There is a Madrone tree with lots of fruit (red berries) just left of the trail - both sightings have been from this tree.
I've also included the 11/16 observation of the Eared Quetzal and the 11/18 observation of the Crescent-chested Warbler, the only ones I know of for either since the last update. I wonder if the recent cold front that moved through had an effect, or if there are fewer birders looking... I suspect the former. There's another front coming through - who knows what could blow in. Or out.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Map Key
Red: Aztec Thrush
Green: Eared Quetzal
Orange: Crescent-chested Warbler

detail of upper Old Baldy Trail, looking south - click for larger

upper Madera Canyon, looking south - click for larger

area map:

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Eddie said...

My name is Eddie Ehrman from the Cincinnati, OH area. I am interested in coming out for a day or two to try and see the Aztec Thrush in Madera Canyon. I have never been to the area and wondered if you have any advice? Local birders who may meet me who know where to look?
My e-mail is I also have a blog at
Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide.

Kat said...

Just wanted to let you know about a new web site designed to allow condor watchers and other bird fans a chance to chat with experts and keep updated on the latest news for California condors in California, Arizona and Mexico.

Jennifer said...

Andrew, this is fascinating! Please tell us more about birds. Why have you stopped posting? The birds need you.

Andrew said...

first of all, apologies to eddie and kat for allowing your comments to languish... wasn't aware I had the "moderate comments" setting on.

secondly, my dear sister, I have not posted in a while because a) I've been out of town for 5 months (thus birding in TN, FL, etc but not AZ) and b)google marked this (and a bunch of other blogs) as spam - see story here.

Jennifer said...

The birds are glad that you are back. I guess Eddie has already come and gone. I hope he saw something worthwhile, like the crescent-chested warbler or the eared quetzal.

I saw a female ruby-throated hummer this morning, in TN. She was hovering over a red car.

Scott said...

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for commenting on my blog. How did you find it?

The maps you make blow my mind!

Andrew said...

Hey Scott! Thanks for the link in your blog (though I haven't had time to say much here recently). I think I found your blog via the Carolina listserv, which I follow from time to time. Enjoyed your latest post!